Make paying your rent simple and rewarding.

Flexible, secure payment options with instant confirmation.

Letus has all your bases covered


With flexible payment options and recurring schedules, making rent payments is a breeze.
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Receive real-time payment updates and detailed payment receipts, direct to your inbox.
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Need to split the rent? No problem. Letus has flexible rent payment options for every living situation.
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Take advantage of one of your largest monthly expenses with your favorite rewards card.
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Make paying your rent simple and rewarding

Despise late fees? With Letus, you'll never miss another payment. Just set up monthly recurring payments, using either your bank account or rewards credit card.
Multiple Payment Methods
Setup Scheduled Payments

Real-time confirmation

Never lose track of your payment history again. Reviewing the details of your past and upcoming rent payments anytime, anywhere from your Letus dashboard.
Real-Time Payment Update
Detailed Payment Receipts

Built to work for you

Whether you're paying for your son or daughter's college dorm, or splitting payments for your dorm with your roommate, Letus has you covered.
Track Upcoming Payments
Review Lease Details

Maximize your rewards potential and build your credit

Make rent payments with your favorite rewards credit card and enjoy cash-back or points redemption from one of your largest monthly payments, all while building your credit.
Make Payments Anytime
Earn Credit Card Rewards

Next steps

Receive an invitation

Your property manager can invite you to submit a lease application or set up your account.

Complete your account

Select which property you're applying for, get verified by your property manager, and set up your payment method.

Make your payments

Start making one-time payments, or never miss a payment again with monthly recurring payments.

A better rental experience begins with Letus