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Letus gives property managers the tools you need to create a simple, profitable rental experience.
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The simple and secure property management solution.


With flexible payment options and recurring schedules, accepting payments is a breeze.


Deal with fewer late payments and queries, with reminders and receipts sent directly to tenants.


Rent payments are as easy as texting "yes" with our efficient pay by text message option.

Credit Reporting

Optional credit reporting add-on allows tenants to build credit as they pay their rent on time. 

Empower your tenants to make paying their rent simple.

Tired of inaccurate cheques and late payments? With Letus, tenants can establish monthly recurring payments, using a bank account or credit card that suits them best.
Multiple Payment Methods
Setup Scheduled Payments

Monitor your rent cycle in real time.

Your Letus dashboard enables you to monitor received and outstanding payments 24/7.
Real-Time Payment Update
Detailed Payment Receipts

Supports installments, remote payments and multiple roomates.

Whether you're paying for your son or daughter's college dorm, or splitting payments for your dorm with your roommate, Letus has you covered no matter the scenario.
Track Upcoming Payments
Review Lease Details

Make paying their rent rewarding.

Tenants can enjoy the cash-back or points redemption by making rent payments with their favorite rewards credit card, and can opt in to building their credit as they pay their rent.
Make Payments Anytime
Earn Credit Card Rewards

Seamless Integration with Your Preferred Property Management Solutions

Our partnerships with leading players in property management and payments are part of our commitment to deliver a top-tier experience.
Two-way communication
Plug-and-play functionality

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